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birth certificates

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certified translation of birth certificates
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certified translation of birth certificates
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  • Why do you need a certified translation of a birth certificate?

    For various legal processes, such as at the registry office for your wedding, enrollment at a university, or applying for a residence permit, you need to prove your identity.

  • For this, you require a certified translation of the birth certificate. With us, you will receive a professional translation with the correct spelling of names according to your specifications or in compliance with ISO standards.
  • Certified translations - fast and affordable by publicly appointed translators. This ensures no problems with authorities and consulates ✓ recognized EU-wide

    Certified translations are translations of public documents made by an authorized and sworn translator. Certified translations are provided with a certification note and signed.

    The Hague Protocol is a binding agreement within the EU that confirms the authenticity of documents with an apostille. An apostille is an addition to a document added by an authority of the state in which the document was issued.

    You can find information on the Internet about "certified translations" and "The Hague Protocol." Here are some interesting links:
    • The IHK Fulda page about the Hague Apostille. It lists the forms of the apostille and the competent authorities for issuing/recognizing apostilles.
    • The Beck-Stellenmarkt The certification procedures for documents/translations in international document traffic. The requirements, costs, and deadlines for applying for an apostille.
    • The Land Schleswig-Holstein Information about certifications. The differences between legalization and apostille are explained. Tips on the correct translation of documents and certificates are provided.
    DIN EN ISO 17100:2015
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