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About us
translators-fusion.com® is a translation company established in 1997 by Hanns Schiefele and provides translations for both major corporations as well as small companies. Today, 3,454 translators (as of 7/20/2024) worldwide work for translators-fusion.com®.
Through our work with companies such as Monster, Queisser Pharma, Henkel, Ecolab, the Simba Dickie Group and Zeppelin, translators-fusion.com® has gained an outstanding reputation.
Around 20,000 translation orders are successfully completed each year.

Always the best translators

>Only qualified and skilled translators

Every translator working for translators-fusion.com® has a translation qualification or has completed a degree course and only translates texts which correspond with his or her specialist field.

> It’s not just about price, it’s about quality - who is really translating your text?

On request, we can tell the customer which translator we specifically intend to use for the project and what training, education and experience they have. Machine translations (MT) do not meet the quality requirements of translators-fusion.com® and we therefore do not use them.

> ContinuousQualifying helps us select the best translators

ContinuousQualifying© (CQ) has been recording all the actions of the translators and test results of the translations since June 2006. This enables us to create a rating for translators who work for translators-fusion.com® . We are therefore able to provide an assessment of translators which is as objective as it possibly can be. This ensures that only the best and most reliable translators work for translators-fusion.com® and that the customer receives excellent translations by the agreed deadline.

Up to 85 percent cheaper

Through the simultaneous use of our customer glossaries and the “Trados Studio 2021” TM software from SDL, repetitions in the text can be taken into account and we can provide translations which are up to 85% cheaper.

Registered in accordance with DIN standard

translators-fusion.com® has been successfully registered and on request can complete translations in accordance with DIN Standard ISO 17100:2015

GlossaryQualityControl© (GQC)

GlossaryQualityControl© (GQC) enables terminology matches to be identified between different texts through the use of a customer glossary. After a translation has been completed, the translator updates the respective customer glossary and these updates are sent to the customer for approval.

This ensures that the consistency of the terminology is maintained. The quality of translations from translators-fusion.com® is of a consistently high standard.

translators-fusion.com® understands its customers and its products.

Contact with customers and an understanding of their products are essential factors for providing successful translations.

Hanns Schiefele meets many of the customers of translators-fusion.com® and gets to know their products.

Data security and efficiency

The development department at translators-fusion.com reduces the dependence on large software companies and ensures the security of customer data. Our in-house software for order processing and our Internet portal enable repetitive processes to be automated and simplified: The translation workflow managers at translators-fusion.com® in Bad Reichenhall are therefore able to focus on quality control and on looking after the requirements of the customer.

All servers are located at the company’s offices in Bad Reichenhall and are serviced by our own staff. A fibre optic cable connects the server with the DE-CIX Frankfurt-Istanbul Internet backbone.

In order to protect the customer in the event of a claim

translators-fusion.com® translators-fusion provides accurate translations. Nonetheless, each customer is protected in the event of a claim: Both financial loss (financial indemnity insurance, cover up to €200,000) and personal/property damage (professional indemnity insurance of up to €3,000,000) are covered.

Ensuring confidentiality

Confidential texts are translated by those translators who have committed themselves in writing to maintaining confidentiality. Files are transferred using 2048 bit encryption (https) via the web portal of translators-fusion.com® .

.Customers have password-protected access to quotations and orders via the tf portal. The customer can provide other colleagues in the company with authorised access to the web portal.