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translators-fusion® has been an LSP Partner of SDL, a major provider of TM software, since 2011. Through the use of its TM software Trados Studio 2021, repeated text can be taken into account and translations can be provided at prices which are up to 80% lower.

The project managers at® have been trained to use TM software.
Translation Memory (TM) systems differ from translation software (MT – Machine Translation), which automatically, creates new translation phrases using algorithms from an internal glossary – however, the quality of machine translation cannot compete with the translations carried out by human translators.® has tested the results of machine translations in-house and has decided NOT to use them.

Translation Memory (TM systems)

A TM (Translation Memory) is a databank consisting of sentences or smaller text components with the respective translation. The TM system saves all texts with the translations in this databank during the translation process. If the text passage is repeated,

the TM system will suggest phrases from the TM to the translator if, following statistical analysis, it recognises a specific level of match. The translator will then decide whether or not to use this suggestion or to select a different phrase.

Reducing translation costs

As the size of the TM increases, so too does the number of repetitions and translation costs can therefore be reduced.

Improved quality

Repetitions are taken from the Translation Memory. Not every translator formulates texts in exactly the same way and the same translator is not always available for a customer. However, even if a different translator is used, the style, tone and use of terminology within the translations will over time be the same thanks to the use of the TM system.

Reducing lead times.

As more and more contents are translated, the size of the Translation Memory increases accordingly. Less and less text needs to translated for the first time by the translator. The translator therefore works at an accelerated speed and lead times become shorter.