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The test technology GlossaryQualityControl© (GQC) is used to test all texts that® receive for translation with matches in the online glossary of the customer.

The use of online glossaries by® increases the clarity of texts and saves money: The same text is always translated in the same way.

1/ Matches between the text and glossary are recorded and sent to the translator.

2/ The translator takes these matches into account and carries out the translation.

3/ The translator suggests new glossary entries.

4/ The suggested glossary entries are sent to the customer for approval.

Online glossary

The use of this test technology is based on the online glossary of®. This ensures that the client-specific terminology is used. Only the translator and the customer have access to the online glossary.

The customer decides.

With just a few clicks of the mouse, the customer can accept - or decline - the suggested glossary entries. The online glossary will then be updated accordingly.

The GlossaryQualityControl© (GQC) technology was developed by® in 2009 and we are currently using Version 3.02.