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Central European Time (CET)® was the first German translation company to introduce ContinuousQualifying© (CQ) .This process was introduced in May 2011. The problem of determining the suitability of a translator
has been solved by® through the evaluation of statistical data in combination with the continuous monitoring of translators by external proofreaders.

The best translators

ContinuousQualifying© (GQC) has been a success. This monitoring and evaluation system enables the translation workflow managers to compile information on “refusal rate”, “reliability” and “quality” and to therefore select the best translators.. This means that the customers of® always receive high quality and punctual translations.


The continuous monitoring of translations is carried out by an external proofreader. When a specific number of orders has been placed or a turnover threshold has been exceeded, the translation is sent to the proofreader for checking. The proofreader will evaluate the translation using the following criteria: “use of terminology, “style”, “grammar”, “spelling”, “punctuation” and “consistency”.

Recording the results

The statistical data has been recorded in the databank of® since 2003: punctual delivery, prompt response, refusal rate, use of the customer glossary, delivery method, etc.